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Add a Spark of Fun to Your Projects with Today’s Previews! We’re Halfway to the New Release Day!

Hello and welcome back! Let’s continue on with our Countdown! There’re only 3 Days left until our New Release and we cannot wait to show you more goodies!


If you’re just joining us, during this Reveal Week we will be giving away a total of $125 worth of Gift Cards to our shop (one $25 Gift Card on EACH day of countdown)! Here’s how you enter to win:

• Leave a comment on EACH of our 5 Countdown Blog Posts (note: maximum 3 comments per person per blog post)

• One winner will be randomly selected from EACH Countdown Blog Post to receive a $25 Gift Card. All 5 winners will be announced on our blog on Jun 26.

So be sure to come back each day to participate for a chance to win! Comments close on Sunday Jun 25 @ 9PM PST.

Now let’s continue on with our products preview!

Life Is A Carnival & Coordinating Dies

Let the fun begin with “Life Is A Carnival”, a 6″x8″ carnival-themed clear stamp set! It’s time to get your tickets and head to the show — this stamp set is jam-packed with all the carnival goodies you need to make your project a real winner! So add some good ol’ fashioned fun to your project and let the carnival begin! 

Ready To Glow™ LEDs 

Excellent quality and highly affordable!   Our Ready To Glow™ LEDs are designed to transform cardmaking!  Add a spark of fun to your projects with these battery-powered LEDs lights and let your imagination shine!

Hassle-Free setup and operation!  Each unit is equipped with 1 LED with battery already installed.  Simply pull out the battery insulator tab to activate.  Create something beautiful and eye-catching with Ready To Glow™ LEDs now!

Click below to watch how light-up cards can be easily put together, or watch it over at our YouTube Channel.

Diamonds Geo Stencils 360°

Create unique and stylish designs with Diamonds Geo Stencils 360°™! These diamonds geometric stencils give you a full 360-degrees of creative freedom, perfect for distinguishing your artwork from the crowd. Get ready to turn heads with your stunning, eye-catching artwork!

We hope you enjoyed today’s showcases and inspirations. Leave a comment below before you go and let us know what you think! And be sure to come back tomorrow for more Product Previews and Giveaways!

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48 thoughts on “Add a Spark of Fun to Your Projects with Today’s Previews! We’re Halfway to the New Release Day!

  1. I love how every time I look at the release, I get another I idea for a new project. Beautiful.

  2. The carnival designs are really fun! Looks like the kids are having a great time!

  3. Thank you so much for the YouTube video about the lights! That was so helpful as I’ve been kind of intimidated by the thought of adding light up elements to my cards. I think the ones you’ve designed will be easy to use, and I love the extra “wow” factor they give to a card.

  4. I’ve been using my Stencil 360 platform a lot recently and am excited about the new stencils in this release. Today’s look at the Diamond Geo one was awesome! So much variety from just 2 stencils in the set!

  5. The carnival set is wonderful for a box card.
    Often hard to find enough pieces to fill up the
    box. Plenty here. thanks for sharing.

  6. The carnival is awesome and the lights are soooo fun! I LOVE this release!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lots of possibilities with these stencil designs! Love the cards and the pretty color combos!

  8. The Life Is A Carnival stamp set is so cute, and the Ready To Glow LEDs add the perfect light accents!

  9. Love the 3-D star stencils. So many
    wonderful color combinations and
    arrangements. thanks for sharing

  10. I really love that stencil it looks like it would be fun to try different colors together.

  11. Haven’t tried to light my cards. They
    add a lot to a card when they are
    used. Love how the diamond stencil
    is divided onto two different cards.
    thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Eileen. Your “Let the Good Times Roll” card is so cool I love the new Ready to Glow lights inside. I can’t wait to try them.

  13. I really like the design of the new Diamond Geo Stencil set. I was only thinking of using it for square cards, but I like the idea of cutting the image into two 4.25 x 5.50 cards. Also, I love how you split the design in half to put, “Hello” in the middle. The honeybees are cute too.

  14. Thank goodness I’m here for the release. I was worried I’d be away on my trip!

  15. The carnival set is so cute! I’m pretty sure once I’ve gotten the Diamond Geo stencil, I am not going to want to leave my crafting space for quite some time. I can hardly wait for that one!

  16. The Carnival Scene is Precious and brings back some good memories of the County Fairs!

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