Summer release 2023 countdown Day 4

Only Two More Days Until the Summer Release Is Officially Here! Are You Ready?

Hello and welcome back! Let’s continue on with our Countdown! There’re only 2 Days left until our New Release and we cannot wait to show you more goodies!


There’s still time to participate! During this Reveal Week we will be giving away a total of $125 worth of Gift Cards to our shop (one $25 Gift Card on EACH day of countdown)! Here’s how you enter to win:

• Leave a comment on EACH of our 5 Countdown Blog Posts (note: maximum 3 comments per person per blog post)

• One winner will be randomly selected from EACH Countdown Blog Post to receive a $25 Gift Card. All 5 winners will be announced on our blog on Jun 26.

So be sure to come back tomorrow for a chance to win! Comments close on Sunday Jun 25 @ 9PM PST.

Now let’s continue on with our products preview!

Just Keep Swimming

Dream of the deep blue and swim your way to fun with this “Just Keep Swimming” aqua tunnel clear stamp set!  Achieve amazing results with super-cool designs that won’t let you sink(Pun intended)! Dive into something special today!

Aster Charm Stencils 360°

The Aster Charm Stencils 360°™ bring the beauty of the aster flower to your projects in seconds!  Craft with this intricate stencil to add a touch of elegance and refinement to any handmade card, making it sophisticated and alluring with its beauty and grace.

The following two cards were made by the talented Guest Designer Ardyth with more advanced techniques! You can watch how she created with these gorgeous designs by clicking HERE.

We hope you enjoyed today’s showcases and inspirations. Leave a comment below before you go and let us know what you think! And be sure to come back tomorrow for our last day of products Previews and Giveaways!

Sharon for Penguin Palace


50 thoughts on “Only Two More Days Until the Summer Release Is Officially Here! Are You Ready?

  1. OMG! The underwater scene at the aquarium is just precious!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the new stencil too! WOW! This release is amazing!!!!!!

  2. I’m so excited about the new stencils in this release, and the aster stencil is just gorgeous! Definitely a must have!

  3. That aquarium stamp set is so adorable! There’s so many fun details to color!

  4. There is an aquarium in St. Louis, MO,
    that looks like the one in the stamp set.
    Will be fun to use that one to send to
    friends out of state. Cute card.
    thanks for sharing.

  5. Ardyth knocked it out of the park again with her video! Seeing her use the Stencils 360 platform this past February at the Cardmakers Success Summit was what motivated me to buy the starter set and a few additional 360 stencil sets, and her videos using it are so full of great tips and techniques!

  6. Boy the new stamp looking at an aquarium is cute the expression on the girls face so awesome and the cards made are adorable!!!

  7. Wonderful inspiration today! I love the Aster Charm and the Just Keep swimming Set is precious.

  8. I love the aquarium scene. Brings back memories. The asters could be used as fireworks also.

  9. Love the flower stencil. Great to be
    able to add as many, or as few, flowers
    as you want, and in the places you want
    them. thanks for sharing.

  10. I am so excited to get that aquarium stamp set, you’ve outdone yourself on that one. It is so adorable.

  11. I want the underwater set and after I’m done here going on your website to watch for it. I also am very interested in the 360 stamping
    Yippee for me and what I can get.

  12. I super interested in the 360 stencils. Way back in April I watched a video on the 360 stencils and it was out of stock. So I waited to be notified that it was back in but life throws you interesting experience when least expected and was hospitalized for 6 weeks. Now I’m getting my crafting mojo back and after I’m done writing this I’m checking out the website.

  13. Love the Aster Charm Stencils 360°, and how the Vintage Frames complement the designs so well!

  14. Hi Candace. Your “Just Keep Swimming” card is so adorable. Seeing the excited kids’ expressions at the aquarium is so cute. I like the sharks “smile” too.

  15. I love the design of the Aster Charm stencil. These Aster cards on this blog are really beautiful. Its nice Asters can be any color so I can make bright colored summer cards with it.

  16. I love the way, “YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION” die is spaced out. I also like how large it is. This will be great to use the negative space for a shaker card.

  17. The Just keep swimming stamp set just blows my mind. I love it so much and it’s so unique. I can’t wait to create cards with this set. The Aster Charm stencil is gorgeous

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